By Rev Charles Koch
How many times have my hopes crumbled?
How many times have my prayers seemed unheard?
How many times has the day filled with burdens and my troubles grew
greater and long?

But how many times has my spirit been lifted when friends brought a word
of good cheer?
And how many times in the midst of my failure have I been lifted by
faith and a prayer?
How many times when despair was intense and when hope seemed to fade
like the sun....and then came an answer, a breath of fresh air that
lifted my soul and my cares.

I think that I've realized that trials will come, that heartbreaks are
common in life; that pain comes in torrents and trials in storms that
drown me in fear and despair. But God sends the sunshine, and God sends
the friends and God dries the tears that we shed. For my life is
precious to Him and to me and to others who know that I care.--- Who
know that I want to be useful and clean and follow the paths where He's

I'd like to give up. To surrender. To quit. To "throw in the towel"
as they say, but what of the people whose life I can touch and bring to
them hope for today? My story is only a part of this world. My
sorrows, a slice of the loaf. I'm not here by chance, I'm not here to
fail. I'm chosen to do what I can.

My future is bright, not for riches I gain, or fame or possessions of
wealth. My future is part of the plan that God has. My future is given
to me to display. I don't know the details, I can't see the end. I
know I can trust all the way. For some day I'll see the crooked made
straight, some day I'll fathom His ways.

Till then, I'll keep striving, working and hope that my life will serve
in some way to help others be stronger and not run away from the life
that is richer, I pray.

-- Rev Charles Koch to Rev Buckman in a Moment of Need....Thank you, Charlie         Next Page